Car Care Tips

Car Care Tips

The Basics:

  • Check your fluid levels periodically even if your car is not very old.
  • Check the pressure of your tires regularly.  Tires under inflated cause tire wear and waste of fuel.
  • Accelerate slowly and smoothly.  Get into a higher gear as quickly as possible.

Getting Better Mileage is Simple:

  • Keep your eyes on long engine idling period.  Long unnecessary idling periods waste your gas.  It is better to turn off the engine and start again later.
  • Check your car for proper alignment.  Improper alignment besides causing faster tire wear also puts an extra load on the engine.
  • It is very important to do a safety check before starting out on a trip.  A visit to your mechanic can help ensure a safe and pleasant drive.


  • Follow your owner’s manual for service schedules.
  • Keep your maintenance records to be updated with the services you have done.  They can be very useful in correctly diagnosing your car problem.
  • Take your vehicle to a certified mechanic shop to make sure your repairs are done correctly.
  • Request Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to be installed on your vehicle.
  • If any warning light is lit on your dash then our car needs to be looked at by a specialist technician.  Warning lights notify you about malfunctions on your vehicle.


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